My Honest Review of Neurogen Brain Balancing & Neurofeedback

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If you’re someone like me who cares about their brain health, you may have done tons of research on how to optimize and take care of this incredibly precious organ. Having read about neurofeedback and its positive impacts, I was curious about the method and how it could help some of the anxiety and brain fog that’s crept up on me in a post-pandemic world. Fast forward to discovering Neurogen, a company that offers brain balancing as a form of neurofeedback.

After learning about what Neurogen does and how their process works, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to try it. In this blog post I’ll provide my honest Neurogen brain balancing review, spanning the five treatments that I did with Los Angeles practitioner Jack Yeatman.

What is Neurogen Brain Balancing & Neurofeedback?

But first, what exactly does Neurogen do and what is brain balancing and neurofeedback? According to the National Institutes of Health, “Neurofeedback isĀ a method that assists subjects to control their brain waves consciously. In fact, the electroencephalography (EEG) is recorded during the neurofeedback treatment. Then, its various components are extracted and fed to subjects using online feedback loop in the form of audio, video or their combination.”

Neurofeedback has been used for decades to treat individuals dealing with PTSD, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, migraines, insomnia, depression, and many more neurological issues.

Neurogen Brain Balancing offers neurofeedback therapy that addresses these issues by targeting the root of the problem. These ‘issues’ are actually brain imbalances, and Neurogen helps with rebalancing them.

Finding Neurogen

After completing my certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I learned a lot about brain health and became passionate about it. I wanted to find a service that could help improve my brain function and address some of the imbalances I knew I had.

In January 2024 I was invited to attend the Los Angeles Yoga Exposition. During some downtime I walked around to meet the vendors that were showcasing their companies. I synchronistically came across Neurogen and was immediately drawn to the booth’s large sign, “brain balancing.”

Practitioner Jack Yeatman was offering complimentary 20-minute sessions to people. To no surprise, the waitlist was completely full. He told me how one person who suffered from insomnia had one session with him and fell asleep on the spot. I had to learn more.

Why I Chose to Work with Neurogen

Jack followed up with me as promised and told me more about Neurogen and how it works. He told me how each session was only 20 minutes long and could help with the anxiety, brain fog, and insomnia that I’d been dealing with.

Throughout my life I’ve been fortunate that anxiety was never a huge issue for me. Sure I’ve felt anxious for a big presentation or hard conversations, but I think that’s pretty standard. It wasn’t until the pandemic that I noticed I felt significantly more nervous and closed off in social situations. I’ve always been very extroverted and comfortable talking in front of others, but recently that changed and I found myself more hesitant to engage with others. Like millions of others, I went through some very challenging times in the pandemic, and I know that had a larger effect on me than I may have realized.

Once I heard of the Neurogen testimonials, such as people feeling like their old selves again after post-traumatic situations, I was hooked. Determined to optimize my brain health and address these imbalances, I had to give Neurogen a try.

neurogen brain balancing reviews

My Neurogen Brain Balancing Review

After discussing treatment with Jack, I decided to move forward with five sessions. He told me that people can notice changes after one session, but typically 5-15 sessions is ideal depending on the severity of the imbalances. The main imbalance I wanted to address was my anxiety, along with overall executive function.

Below I’ll detail what I received with each session, as well as how I felt in the days following. I’ll note that for each session, I didn’t feel any pain or agitation in case anyone worries about that. Fortunately, Jack is so friendly and talks to you the whole time which makes the session go by quickly.

Session #1

For my first session we sought to address the anxiety and migraines I had been having. In the 20-minute session, I received a calming blend and migraine treatment. He also activated the ‘happiness’ part of my brain at the end of the session (this happened with every session).

By the time I got to my car, I was shocked at how I felt. I felt so clear in my thinking and in such a great mood. There was zero brain fog and by the time I got home I felt motivated and ready to dive into work. I also had zero caffeine that morning, so the fact I felt that great after 20 minutes was incredible to me.

What stood out the most was what followed that evening. I went to a birthday party where I knew all of three people in a crowd of 25. My friend had told people at the party about my blog and asked me to talk about it. While this typically would make me feel nervous, I felt so calm and confident talking to strangers about myself and my blog. I felt like my old self again, making jokes, being talkative, and feeling fully engaged. I truly couldn’t believe the effects from just one session.

When I went to bed that night I had a bit of a headache. Jack had mentioned that I might have one after the first treatment since my brain is rebalancing itself. Fortunately it was minor and I was able to fall asleep pretty quickly.

In the following days I felt great and only experienced one light headache that week (no major migraine).

Session #2

I couldn’t wait to go back to Jack and tell him about my experience after the first session. We both were so impressed with the results and to eager to dive into the second session.

For the second session we addressed anxiety, motivation, executive function, and word finding. Often time I have trouble finding the right words and feel like I have brain fog, so when I discovered ‘word finding’ and ‘executive function’ were options I had to try them.

After leaving the session I felt uplifted and in a great mood throughout the day. I also felt talkative and personable at the gym that evening when normally I keep to myself.

The following morning I woke up feeling motivated to get out of bed and get my day started. Typically on mornings after my gym workouts, I’m tired and feel like I need more rest. But this morning was different; I got up around 7:15 and felt ready to get the day going.

Throughout the week I felt very calm and productive throughout my work day. I noticed that little things which would typically make me feel agitated or nervous didn’t have much of an effect on me.

Session #3

For the third session we targeted anxiety, motivation, and word finding again. We also added on speech and fear. Jack informed me that people who have had strokes or trouble speaking have seen results from the speech activation. I’ve had a speech impediment all of my life, so this was one I really wanted to try.

I left the session feeling happy and uplifted which sustained for about an hour. By the time I had been home for a while, I felt a bit tired and like I needed a nap. I had family coming into town that weekend and knew I had to clean the apartment but had little motivation to do so.

At dinner that night with family, I felt talkative and like I was able to articulate a lot of my words better than usual. For the last couple of years I’ve struggled with my articulation of words and hence had to slow my speech. However, after this one session I could tell a difference.

Over the following days after the third session, I felt like I was in a great mood and like my anxiety had significantly decreased. While I didn’t feel too much of the motivation effects, the main things I noticed was the positive effects on anxiety and speech.

Session #4

For the fourth session we targeted anxiety, executive function, motivation, speech, and word finding.

When I went in for the fourth session, it was coming off of a busy and eventful weekend where my sleep routine was off. Jack told me he could see that my brain wave patterns were all over the place that day, which was interesting to hear but not a huge surprise. I had felt tired and a bit scattered going into the appointment, so I found it fascinating that my brain waves reflected how I was feeling.

While I felt scattered going into the appointment, I felt so much calmer and clearer upon leaving. I went in on a Monday and had a big week of work ahead of me, so this session couldn’t have come at a better time.

That week I felt very motivated and productive to get work done and felt more concentrated than usual. More often than not I get side tracked, but I felt like I was able to easily get in the zone and get things done. I also had several social outings that week and felt very calm, comfortable, and articulate while engaging with and meeting new people. This one is huge for me; I love meeting new people and so feeling comfortable again in situations couldn’t be more monumental.

Session #5

For my fifth session we repeated the same targets we had done previously: anxiety, executive function, motivation, speech, and word finding.

Leaving the session with Jack this day was a bit emotional for me! Over the six weeks that we’d work together, I could tell such a difference in my overall self and how I operated in my day to day. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for Jack and these treatments. Plus, Jack is such a pleasure to work with which made these sessions even more enjoyable.

Per usual, I felt uplifted throughout my day and throughout the week.

Conclusion: My Neurogen Brain Balancing Review

After five sessions with Neurogen, the biggest impacts I’ve felt are my around my anxiety levels and my speech/communication. All too often I’ve felt nervous and closed off in social situations, and now I don’t feel that way anymore. I feel so much calmer and comfortable in the way I engage with others. I also feel like I articulate my words so much better and am clearer in communicating, which is seriously incredible after only five sessions!

It’s hard to fully describe what it feels like to come back to your old self. But after these five sessions with Neurogen, I feel that I have come back to my previous easy-going, talkative, goofy, calm self. Before these sessions, I easily tensed up, felt agitated, felt nervous, and felt more closed off toward others. It’s honestly mind-blowing to me that only five sessions have had this much of an impact on me. The feeling coming back to oneself is truly invaluable.

My honest Neurogen Brain Balancing review is that everyone needs to try this. This technology is capable of helping so many for a variety of imbalances that millions suffer with. I couldn’t be more grateful to Jack and Neurogen. I feel like an improved version of myself and hope that others will take the leap toward improving their wellbeing as well.

Learn more about Neurogen Brain Balancing here.

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